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where stories are brought to life via ink and art meets skin. Discover the world of personal expression and creativity with us today.

Who we are ?

The Nayink Tattoo Studio is a place where skin and art combine to create enduring stories. Our talented artists are experts in turning your concepts into gorgeous, one-of-a-kind creations. We guarantee each client has a relaxing and expert experience by putting a strong emphasis on cooperation and security. We have a variety of styles to fit your vision, from detailed black and gray tattoos to bright color pieces. Come tell your story in ink at Nayink Tattoo Studio with us.

Are you prepared to realize your dream? Book your appointment at Nayink Tattoo Studio right now, and let’s work together to create something truly amazing!

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Our services

Hygiene service

Hygienic Tattoo Studio

Hyper realism service

Realism Tattoos

Realism service

Hyper Realism Tattoos

Customised service

Customized Tattoos

Portrait Tattoos

Temporary Tattoo Service

Temporary Tattoos

What sets Nayink Tattoos apart from others?

Artistic Excellence

Nayink Tattoos is renowned for its unparalleled artistic proficiency since each design is painstakingly created to the highest standards by proficient artists. Our tattoos are genuine pieces of art, ranging from detailed details to lifelike art.

Hygiene and Safety

By maintaining strict hygiene standards, we keep our clients' health and safety first.
For a clean and secure tattooing experience, our studio uses clean tools and follows to industry best practices.

Customized Creations

At Nayink Tattoos, we're passionate about realizing your distinct idea. Our tattoo artists collaborate closely with you to fully grasp your preferences and ideas, resulting in uniquely designed tattoos that are both deeply meaningful and unique.


Pick tattoos that tell stories from your life or represent important concepts to you. Work with an artist who can turn these ideas into beautiful designs on your skin.

When looking for a tattoo artist, review their portfolio and note the quality of their work and the ink drying time.

To share your tattoo ideas effectively, explain to the artist the design you want and why it’s meaningful to you, providing as many details as possible about the concept.

Choose Nayink Studio for its hygienic, neat, and precise work on customized tattoos, housed in a spacious studio with top-notch equipment. Our studio is the largest in Siddipet and several Telangana districts, ensuring a superior tattoo experience.

Types of piercings offered: all ear piercings, nose piercings, belly piercings ets, Additional services: a variety of jewelleries options are available


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